Kay , Stay at home Mom, Cape Town

I have often thought of life coaching as an option to work through my difficult life stories but had no one I felt I could trust to share the intimate details of my pain and failures. Naahid instantly won my confidence with her clarity and professionalism. She was curious without being interfering and easily showed me that the solutions were there… within me.  

Sharon, Designer, London

After being stuck in the same job day in and day out, my dreams were stuck behind the walls of my office as I did my own business only part-time. An Odacity Lifestyle Instagram post resonated with me and I started working with Naahid. Today I no longer work for someone and Naahid gave me the confidence to take back my life.  

Tracy, Writer London

From our first meeting Naahid really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, ultimately finding the right job for me.  

Hanna, Office Manager, Dubai

Naahid has a special way of bringing the best out in you and allowing you to realise your own potential. She has this way of seeing people in a way they would like to see themselves and then stand with you through the journey of getting there. It’s not always easy. It’s also not very easy finding a coach who makes you feel like you’re being looked out for by family. For me, that alone inspired me to do my best with her training and succeed.  

Fatima, Accountant, Abu Dhabi

Watching Naahid as she shared with us how to step into greatness, I saw an opportunity to discover my desires as a businesswoman. Learning from her how to act on that lead me to experiencing major success in my business and in life.  

Asma, Entrepreneur, Cape Town

When I had my first session with Naahid , I walked into it feeling like a total amateur! On the third day, walking out, I knew I had the tools and inspiration to start thinking and acting like a professional. With confidence in my stride. I would recommend her to absolutely every sister-friend in need who is struggling to see themselves in the light they dream of walking in.


Jacky, Film Producer, Cape Town

Before I started working with Naahid, my business didn’t generate enough money to be sustainable and my mind-set was stuck as I lost one of my major clients.  I use to generate work from word of mouth and it was no longer working.  A lot of my time went into volunteering work and giving free advice.  My confidence took a huge dip. While I worked with Naahid, she helped me to focus on what I enjoy doing, what I’m good at, what my dreams were and how I should go about making it happen.  We set out realistic goals and timelines on a weekly basis to work towards building my business and confidence.  I started developing my own projects for my company.  The process helped me to focus prioritizing what is important and pointing out where I was wasting time on other things. As a result of my work with Naahid, my business and mind-set became more focused and I achieved the long-term goal of developing a feature film.  I’ve produced several more documentaries since then and my company is now sustainable. The process helped me to create better self-awareness and improving my performance and goal- setting.  I got my confidence back and valued my time much better. I recommend working with Naahid because she cares deeply about people and has a high level of self-knowledge; hence she is able to navigate the process in a warm, friendly, but firm manner to achieve the desired goals.  Naahid has a broad base of experience that contributes immensely to her insights into people’s growth and development.