Are you longing to radicaly shift your limiting beliefs so you can
Stop hiding behind the curtain,
Embrace the woman inside of you, and start showing up and stepping out into your spotlight?
Then this is tailer-made just for you.

The Heart Connection Group Mentroship Programme provides you step-by-step guidance,
virtual group support support and coaching,
and the practical tools to transform your life from the inside out.
If you've been looking for a way to rewrite your story,
stop living out the old stories that no longer work.
Start to live your truth confidently, then this is your official invite.
Are you ready?


I have a large treasure chest we can explore. At its heart, coaching is a conversation that leads to action. My job as your coach is to support you, challenge you, encourage you and empower you to lead with confidence, clarity and wisdom to take full ownership of your gifts, your story and your future.

It's time to live confidently, boldly, and fully in the woman you are.

This intimate group coaching program will take you on a 6-week journey to shed old stories, step into your power, and come alive to the woman you've been craving to be.

I will help you look at life and your work with a fresh perspective, identify where you want to be, explore what’s holding you back and help you move forward with clarity and commitment.

I will create and hold a safe space for you and all I require from you is to show up and take action.

The heart Connection: Why is it important to stir the heart and connect the soul?

If you’re serious about change and want to become your best, most confident and authentic self then this is the package for you. The Heart Connection Group Mentorship is a Sister Circle within a Golden Safe Space who has your back and are ready to cheer you on. There will be love with some tears, lots of laughter, Clarity, and most of all magical transformation.


Every Sunday evening you'll receive an email with the upcoming week's content and challenge with a corresponding worksheet. 

Access to a private Facebook Group: This is where you will find support from Naahid and like-minded women.

Weekly Group coaching calls provide everyone with the opportunity to be seen and heard.

A space to ask questions and be coached 1-on-1

Receive feedback directly from Naahid.

Group calls are where the magic happens.


The next group mentorship program begins February 2018; seats are limited.

Weekly content outline:
Module 1 Start with Heart - Write you own story
Unpack your old story… Assess the storylines and plot

Unpack your old story… Assess the storylines and plot

Repackage… map the changes

Write your new story... Discover your hidden diamond.
Module 2 Own Your Power - Shimmer & Shine
Add Colour & Spice: Write, Paint, create the new you

Love the New Colourful You

Frame your new picture

Unleash the woman within
Module 3 Speak Up - The Golden thread
Checking the links

Embrace the silent moments

Own your story

Stepping up and showing up
Let’s chat
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